Passing of a great man....

If you were an AOP,EOP or TOP student at Geneseo. I am sad to let you know that on Feb. 28, 2006 Isom E. Fearn Jr, as many of you know as Mr. Fearn passed away. He was a great man and will be truely missed by all those who have ever had the chance to meet and talk with him. To read more about him please read the article posted on the Geneseo News page, click the link below:
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Looking for a roommate

Looking for a roommate at the end of August, beginning September 1st (can be negotiated).

I'm 23. Work and go to graduate school full-time. Looking for someone friendly, respectful, clean, with no pets who will pay bills on time.

The apartment is two bedrooms, one bathroom, living room, kitchen, dining area, plenty of closets and storage. Parking in the back behind the building. Laundry downstairs in the building by the storage locker. Heat and water are included. Great maintenance. Air conditioning! Electric and cable/internet are the two expenses that are split evenly. Rent is about 360 a month.

Located between Highland and Elmwood. The place is called Elmwood Manor. Nice neighborhood. Close to the local colleges. On the bus line.

Any other questions, leave messages here or email/im
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Appt for rent in Rochester, NY

If anyone knows of or is looking for either a 1 bedroom or 2 bedroom appt for either short or long term, please contact me or have them contact me.
The appt is on 30 Rowley St in the city in the cultural district and it's huge and beautiful for $420/mo per person. It includes off-street parking, laundry, water, use of a security system, and is close to 490, the inner loop, a bar scene on Alexander St and other great city musts. Pets are an option if you have any.

Please call 442-2952
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I am new to this LJ thing and I'm discovering that it is a great way to waste time. It doesn't even feel like a waste of time yet, so maybe it's not. I can keep fooling myself.

Anyway, I'm a Geneseo alum, class of '97. I swung by Geneseo on Sunday on the long drive between Buffalo & Washington DC after a friend's wedding. I didn't get to do or see much because the weather was alternating between extreme humidity and pelting rain, and I was with my impatient husband. It was interesting seeing the new buildings and the construction on the upper quad. I know they had finished the previous construction project because the last time I visited (in spring 99) they were done. But I hear it didn't go over too well, which is why everything is all torn up again.

I really wish I got to see the few people I know who are still at Geneseo. I was supposed to see Dr. Stone (econ) but she had just returned from England and we didn't connect. I probably won't go back again until the 10 year reunion, unless someone else invites me to their Western NY wedding. It's a slight possibility, and it basically depends on the one person I'm still friends with in Rochester (who met me in Geneseo, btw).

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So, who else misses Geneseo now that it's the Weekend of Welcome? Well, now they extended it into an entire WEEK of Welcome and they get to do cooler things than we ever did! Ahh, 6 years ago, I was starting my freshman year there. . .can I be a freshman again for like, 20 minutes? :o)
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Yay! This is a cool community! I'm a 2002 graduate, music major/psych minor, who is currently a public school orchestra teacher on Long Island. I'm 6 credits away from a masters in music education, and I'm finishing my first year of teaching. Phew!
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